Hi, I’m Marguerita. I am a Life Coach, EFT Practitioner, Sound and Energy Healer, Light Worker and Transformational Speaker. And I want to share a little bit about myself and my journey so you know that in essence I am no different to you.

I was born, I am living and I will die, and I’m doing the best I can in any moment. I trained and performed as an opera singer for 15 years before stepping back from my relentless drive for success in a very competitive industry, and that was when my true calling was able to be realized.

My spiritual journey began in 1998 when I began to explore the power of the subconscious mind through a book of the same title but Dr. Joseph Murphy that was given to my by my private vocal coach.  From there I discovered my ability to create my own reality, with varying results.

When events transpired to quickly shift my vocal focus from entertainment to healing in 2004, no-one was more surprised than I was. And though it took a few years to really accept and embrace the power of my gift, I now love helping others to heal and transform in profound and wonderful ways so they can realize their true potential with peace in their hearts and light in their souls.

Alone this unique and powerful ability helps to bring healing and harmony physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. When used in combination with other transformation and energy techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), visualization,  meditation, and subliminal messages, the possibilities for healing are limitless.

I am dedicated to making a difference globally by raising conscious awareness and easing pain and suffering.

I believe my purpose is to bring peace to people’s hearts and minds, and facilitate healing in all aspects of peoples lives so they can live a life of health, wealth, happiness and freedom.

My vision is to serve the global community by helping people just like you to find balance and harmony, and reconnect with your soul so you can again realize your natural state of health, wealth and happiness, whilst fulfilling your divine destiny.

I challenge conventional belief systems and support people to step out of their comfort zones to live their truth and achieve the greatness they deserve.

By sharing the latest in sound and energy healing techniques such as EFT, toning and Light Language, I have joined the popular movement that has been around for centuries and recently drawn much larger attention due to the hit movie The Secret, and the age old philosophy of the Law of Attraction, which is helping people all over the world realize a new age of abundance, joy and inner peace.

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Join me on an extraordinary journey where anything is possible and your dreams can, and do, come true.



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