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What if you could love yourself unconditionally? How would your life be transformed? How would your relationships be transformed?

Loving yourself is the ultimate key to your freedom as it is the condition that underlies your feelings of self-worth, the quality of your relationships with yourself and others, your level of success, your depth of happiness, your health and wellbeing, and pretty much every other aspect of your life.

If you find that a little hard to swallow, just imagine loving yourself no matter what. How would your feelings about yourself change? How would your behaviour change? Where would your feelings of self-worth be? How would those things affect each area of your life?

Love is the very essence of who we are, and once we reconnect with that unconditionally, every negative feeling, behaviour, condition or event in our lives pales into insignificance. It does not mean that we will not experience difficult times, but they will no longer define who we are because we will be in love with all of it. Hard to imagine isn’t it?

Well, using the following EFT sequence regularly will help you to move more and more into a state of unconditional love for yourself and others.

First, rate the following statement on a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being it is not true for you at all and 10 being that it is 100% true: “I completely love every part of myself and my life unconditionally.”

Unlike most of the set up statements I use, this time the desired outcome is to get as close to 10 as possible, not zero.

Now use the following EFT phrase to increase the rating.

Set Up

Karate Chop:

Even though I can’t imagine loving myself unconditionally, I deeply and completely accept who I am and how I feel.

Even though I have too many faults and imperfections to be truly loveable, I choose to accept myself as I am right now.

Even though someone like me doesn’t deserve to be loved unconditionally, I profoundly accept myself anyway.

Eyebrow: I really can’t imagine loving myself unconditionally

Outside Eye: I have too many imperfections

Under Eye: I could never be good enough to deserve unconditional love

Under Nose: Unconditional love isn’t for people like me

Chin: I’ve got too many bad qualities

Collar Bone: Nobody could ever love me unconditionally

Under Arm: Even me

Top of Head: You have to earn unconditional love

Eyebrow: And I’m not good enough

Outside Eye: I’ve done too many bad things

Under Eye: I don’t deserve that kind of love

Under Nose: I don’t even believe unconditional love exists

Chin: Even my parents couldn’t love me unconditionally

Collar Bone: They withdrew their love all the time when I didn’t please them

Under Arm: And even if it did exist

Top of Head: I wouldn’t deserve it anyway

Eyebrow: I can’t imagine loving myself unconditionally

Outside Eye: I’m just not that loveable

Under Eye: I have too many faults and imperfections

Under Nose: Only people who are perfect deserve unconditional love

Chin: And I am so far from perfect, I can’t even see the horizon

Collar Bone: I could never love myself unconditionally

Under Arm: Never in a million years

Top of Head: I have never done anything to deserve being loved unconditionally, even by me.

Take a deep breath and go back and rate the statement “I completely love every part of myself and my life unconditionally.” It should have shifted a bit. Now, regardless of where that rating is, proceed to the positive tapping round.

NB: I have used the word God in the following sequence, however, I am aware that some people are not comfortable using this word as there may be a negative feeling around it for some. If it doesn’t work for you, then please use any word that works for you – e.g. Divine, Source, Universe, Universal Energy, etc.

Karate Chop:

Even though I still can’t imagine loving myself unconditionally, I choose to be open to the possibility that I am loveable.

Even though I don’t believe I deserve unconditional love, I am willing to consider the possibility that I could love myself more than I do now.

Even though unconditional love needs to be earned, and I am not good enough, I choose to be open to embracing new possibilities about loving myself unconditionally.

Eyebrow: God / Source / The Universe loves me unconditionally

Outside Eye: I’m a pretty good person when it comes down to it

Under Eye: Maybe I’ve been judging myself too harshly

Under Nose: What if I don’t have to earn unconditional love

Chin: It would be nice if I could love myself no matter what

Collar Bone: It would be nice if love didn’t depend on what I did

Under Arm: What if real love isn’t judgemental or conditional

Top of Head: And what if I could just allow myself to be loved like that?

Eyebrow: Better still, what if I could love myself like that?

Outside Eye: I wonder if it’s possible to love myself unconditionally?

Under eye: I don’t have to earn God’s love

Under Nose: So it doesn’t make sense that I have to earn my love.

Chin: What if I could just love all of my imperfections

Collar Bone: I love the thought of loving myself just the way I am

Under Arm: I choose to love all of me just as I am right now

Top of Head: Even with all my faults and imperfections

Eyebrow: I choose to love myself like God does

Outside Eye: I choose to know that unconditional love is the essence of who I am.

Under Eye: And if love is who I am, than I do not need to earn love

Under Nose: Just because some of my actions are not loveable

Chin: Doesn’t mean I am not loveable

Collar Bone: Unconditional love fills my heart and sustains me

Under Arm: I am complete unconditional love

Top of Head: I choose to embrace my eternal essence and love myself unconditionally.

Eyebrow: Because the truth is there is nothing I can do that would make me unlove-able.

Outside Eye: Because my actions do not define me

Under Eye: Love defines me

Under Nose: It always has and it always will

Chin: And the more I love myself unconditionally

Collar Bone: The more I will love others unconditionally

Under Arm: So I choose to embrace and love all of me including my imperfections.

Top of Head: I love feeling unconditional love for myself, just like God / Source / The Divine does.

Take a breath and rate the statement “I completely love every part of myself and my life unconditionally.” Keep using this tapping sequence every day for 2 weeks and notice how differently you feel about yourself and how it redefines your relationships with others. Other people will start to respond to you differently. The people in our lives can only reflect how we feel about ourselves.

Use this theme on a regular basis for your tapping and notice how your heart begins to open and your relationships change, including your relationship with yourself.

Happy Tapping.

Marguerita Vorobioff



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