Is Conforming Sabotaging Your Success?

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When we come into this world we have transitioned from pure spirit into occupying a very confined human body. We know nothing of how to be in this existence and we need to learn that by copying those who are already here. They are our models and our teachers for learning how to survive and function on the planet called Earth in a very dense dimensional existence.

Unfortunately, very few of our models have learned how to thrive on this planet, and most are barely managing to exist. Not only is being in this confined human body uncomfortable, how we learn to be in the world makes our experience here very uncomfortable. Actually, it creates a great deal of personal suffering.

Believe it or not, the truth is that we were born to thrive and flourish here, it’s just that we forget who we truly are when we manifest into this reality and largely the people whom we choose as our models unconsciously teach us the same way to survive that they learned because they’re still here, so their way has worked. Sort of!

In other words, subconsciously we become clones of those who take care of us and who are in our environment. We dutifully conform to whatever we are taught because that is how we are designed and it is perceived to be safe. The question is, is conforming really working for you? If it is, then don’t change a thing. Just keep living the life you’ve always lived.

But unfortunately, for most people this agreement to conform holds them back from thriving and living a life of passion, purpose, abundance and freedom. And if this applies to you, then it’s time to break out of the mould of conforming and dare to be different. It’s time to stop fitting in and risk facing whatever situations arise when we challenge the paradigm of the majority.

Throughout our history, and not so very long ago, challenging the status quo and daring to break away from what was considered ‘appropriate’ and ‘normal’ carried very grave threats of suffering and death. So to keep us safe, our parents taught us there were consequences if we were different or ‘misbehaved’ because they would get angry, or even worse, disappointed in us. No wonder we are intent upon staying in our box and doing whatever we were told. It’s much easier than doing something that threatens our safety and our existence.

Fortunately now, at least in our society, although there are challenges when we become non-conformists, they are rarely as grave as they were throughout even our recent history.

If you want your life to be different, then you are going to have to step outside the square and you will have to be different. The choice is yours, you can continue to live the life you always have and get what you’ve always got, just like most of the rest of the population, or you can be brave and dive into experiencing what it’s like to be on the fringe, creating the life of your dreams and refusing to conform with the majority.

To help you with this, I’ve created an EFT tapping sequence below that you can use as often as you like to break out of your current paradigm and start to thrive.

Firstly, rate this statement on a scale of 0 (not true for you) to 10 (the most true it could be for you):

“It’s not worth the risk to be different to everybody else”

Karate Chop:

Even though I’ve been conforming because there are serious consequences if I don’t, I deeply and completely accept who I am right now.

Even though I’ve limited my potential by behaving the way I learnt was appropriate when I was younger, I choose to love and accept myself anyway.

Even though my parents / carers taught me to conform and be like everybody else because that’s the way it’s supposed to be, I choose to appreciate that I have survived and accept where I am right now.

Eyebrow: Conforming has worked for me so far

Outside Eye: At least I’ve survived

Under Eye: My life isn’t perfect

Under Nose: But I’m still here

Chin: So conforming isn’t all bad

Collar Bone: And rebelling against how I was taught to behave

Under Arm: Is fraught with all sorts of dangerous consequences

Top of Head: People might reject me

Eyebrow: My family and friends might not approve

Outside Eye: They’ll be mad at me

Under Eye: They’ll be disappointed in me

Under Nose: What if nobody loves me anymore

Chin: I’ll be judged and criticized

Collar Bone: I’ll get into trouble

Under Arm: I don’t like getting into trouble

Top of head: I’ll be lonely

Eyebrow: Nobody else is unique or different

Outside Eye: They’ll think I’m a freak

Under Eye: It’s not worth breaking out and being unique

Under Nose: Being different means I would stand out for all the wrong reasons

Chin: It’s not safe to stand out

Collar Bone: I’ll get hurt if I am different and show that I’m unique

Under Arm: It’s definitely safer to conform and stay hidden

Top of Head: Even if it means some discomfort throughout my life

Eyebrow: I don’t want too shine brightly

Outside Eye: That would mean too much attention on me

Under Eye: And then I would risk being hurt

Under Nose: People won’t like it if I stand out

Chin: It’s much safer to conform and do as I was taught

Collar Bone: It’s not so bad

Under Arm: I would like my life to be better

Top of Head: But it’s way too risky to show that I’m different

Eyebrow: Even though I know I am different

Outside Eye: I couldn’t possibly live the truth that I’m an individual

Under Eye: It’s not safe

Under Nose: They’ll be angry with me

Chin: They’ll disapprove of me

Collar Bone: They’ll probably punish me

Under Arm: It’s not worth the risk

Top of Head: It’s safer to be a good girl and do as I’m told

Eyebrow: It’s much easier to just fit in than be a rebel

Outside Eye: There are consequences if I misbehave

Under Eye: I’m a good girl, I do as I’m told

Under Nose: I’m supposed to conform and be like everybody else

Chin: It’s not worth the risk to be different to everybody else

Take a deep breath and rate the statement:

“It’s not worth the risk to be different to everybody else”

Keep tapping through the phrases until you have brought the rating down to at least a two and then continue with the following positive tapping round.

Karate Chop:

Even though I still feel like it’s not worth the risk to be unique and different, my life’s not working the way I would really like it to and I’m willing to explore the possibility that I can be my own unique self and be ok.

Even though I still don’t feel safe expressing who I truly am in the world because there are consequences, I’m willing to take a risk and be free to be me.

Even though I’ve survived being a conformist, deep down I’m really unique and different and I am excited about sharing that with the world.

Eyebrow: It’s safer to conform and fit in

Outside Eye: But it’s really not working for me now

Under Eye: I could choose to be a rebel

Under Nose: But it’s not safe

Chin: I don’t want to conform anymore

Collar Bone: I’m tired of living a lie

Under Arm: I really want to break out and be my own unique self

Top of Head: I’m an adult now, I don’t have to do as I’m told

Eyebrow: I’m willing to risk the disapproval of others

Outside Eye: I’m ready to break out of conforming

Under Eye: Conforming isn’t working for me now

Under Nose: I refuse to conform any more

Chin: I’m unique and I love expressing my uniqueness

Collar Bone: I don’t care what anybody else thinks

Under Arm: If they don’t like it, that’s their problem

Top of Head: I choose to be different

Eyebrow: Even if I risk upsetting some people

Outside Eye: It’s not my problem if they’re angry

Under Eye: That’s just their programming

Under Nose: But those belief systems are holding me back

Chin: And I love the thought of being who I truly am

Collar Bone: I’m tired of living a life of mediocrity

Under Arm: I give myself permission to be unique and special

Top of Head: I love the thought of standing out and being different

Eyebrow: My life really isn’t working for me the way it is

Outside Eye: So I choose to do something different to everybody else

Under Eye: I choose to express myself in my own unique way

Under Nose: I love being a light house for everybody else

Chin: And showing them they don’t have to conform any more

Collar Bone: I love being a non-conformist

Under Arm: I love being a rebel

Top of Head: I love doing it my way

Eyebrow: So what if they’re angry or upset with me

Outside Eye: I love shining my light for all to see

Under Eye: I love not fitting in to whatever everybody expects

Under Nose: I love being different

Chin: I choose to know it’s cool to be different

Collar Bone: I’ll be different along with all the other people who are being different

Under Arm: I won’t be lonely at all

Top of Head: I love the thought of being my true, unique self

Eyebrow: There are plenty of other people out there who dare to be different

Outside Eye: And lots of them have great lives

Under Eye: I’m ready to find my own way being unique and my true self

Under Nose: Because whatever the risks are

Chin: It’s got to be better than living a lie

Collar Bone: I was born to be different and unique

Under Arm: I love always being the best version of me I can be

Top of Head: I love being happy and free to be me

Take a deep breath and rate the statement:

“It’s not worth the risk to be different to everybody else”

 Keep tapping with the phrases that resonated with you the most, or make up your own depending on your life and how you feel. What happened when you were a child? How were you punished? Were you scolded by your parents, or ostracized by your friends if you didn’t behave according to their expectations?

It’s important that you tune into your story, because it is unique to you and EFT will work better the more specific you are for you.



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