Learn EFT and Release Money Stress

Below is a tutorial on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which will also help you to release one of the most common blocks to money and wealth.

Set Yourself Free With EFT

Do you want true peace and joy in your life? All you have to do is embrace everything in your life as it is right now and know that you are everything you seek, all the time, no exception.

We have created this permanent torment for ourselves. A self-imposed torture chamber of fear, lack and limitation. Nothing is ever enough and there is always something wrong with our lives. There is always something we want to be better or just plain different.

Our income is not enough. Our relationships are not enough. Our work is not enough. Our homes are not enough. Our cars are not enough. Our bodies are not enough. Our knowledge is not enough. Our intelligence is not enough. Our achievements are not enough. We don’t have enough ‘stuff’. We are not enough! Continue reading

Has Everyone Gone Insane?

It would certainly appear that way! Everybody stressed to the max, spending money they don’t have on Christmas presents that are largely not needed, sometimes not wanted and some even completely useless! Many people don’t even know how they are going to pay the money back! Anxiety, anger, sadness, depression, and the list goes on.

What is it about Christmas that turns everybody crazy? Seriously? I had not realized just how totally insane this time of year has become. People really have forgotten that this is supposed to be a time of peace, love and joy. Continue reading