Curing Cancer Through Emotion

Gregg Braden shows a remarkable video of a woman being cured of cancer in under 3 minutes through the power of language, intention and emotion at a medicineless hospital in China. When intention meets emotion and belief, literally anything is possible!

Do You Suffer From The Silent Success Killer?

There are many traits that go to creating success, and hundreds, if not thousands of experts who will gladly tell you what they are.

There are also dozens of theories, many of them similar and each with their merits, about what the subconscious blocks are to success. They are many and varied and most people have a number of them that need to be cleared before they can move forward to achieve the success they deserve.

However, there is one that often goes unexplored that I want to look at closely today. It destroys relationships, careers, health, hope and is even one of the underlying causes of most, if not all suicide. This insidious fiend is powerlessness.

Powerlessness takes away hope and destroys lives. It stops people from even trying to change their situation. Ask yourself if you have any areas in your life that you feel powerless. Finances? Career? Relationship? Health? Do you feel at the mercy of other people or your situation? A sense of hopelessness that makes you feel like you have no control over that area of your life what-so-ever?

Of course, control is just an illusion. We live in a global community and people, situations and events will happen that will definitely impact on our lives, this is inevitable. But what we can control is how we respond and use each circumstance as an opportunity to be the best we can be and turn any situation into a blessing.

We are never powerless, no matter what the circumstance. We always have a choice, even when things seem hopeless we can choose who we are going to be and what we are going to do to alter the nature of the final outcome.

Even for those facing terminal illness, today there are hundreds of alternative treatments and therapies available that create miracle cures for people everyday, and if not, then finding a way to approach your final months / weeks / days with acceptance and peace could turn the transition into an event filled with grace. As improbable as that sounds, there are numerous cultures that celebrate the transition from this life to eternal life. After all, as Byron Katie says, ‘We are all on the way out’! Nothing else is more certain than our inevitable passing from this life as we know it.

What we fail to see is just how powerful we truly are. The super successful have not risen to dizzy heights because they didn’t have any challenges or set backs. They have gotten to where they are because they saw each challenge as an opportunity to learn, grow, enrich their experience and be even more successful because of it.

You are infinitely powerful, and if you feel powerless it is because you have been led to believe that you are at the mercy of your environment, your circumstances or other people. It’s time to take back your power and show the world that you will not allow outside circumstances to hold you back. Decide there is nothing that will stop you from achieving your goals and dreams. See each hurdle as an invitation to grow. Harness your energy, your resourcefulness, your creativity, your irrepressible nature. Decide to BE UNSTOPPABLE!!!!

Own your magnificence and your power and nothing will be able to keep you from happiness and success.

Here are some EFT tapping phrases to help you release yourself from the grip of powerlessness and move forward positively and powerfully!

Choose one area of your life that isn’t going the way you would like it to.

Make the statement: “I feel powerless to change this situation” and rate how true that is for you on a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being not true at all and 10 being the most true it could possible be.

Now tap along with the following tapping script. If you have phrases that you feel would be more appropriate for you, then replace the ones I have here with those. These are just a guide to get you on the right track.

Karate Chop:

Even though I feel completely powerless to change this situation, I deeply and completely love and accept who I am and how I feel.

Even though I have this overwhelming sense of hopelessness about this area of my life, I choose to honour how I feel and know that there is a solution to my problem.

Even though I feel this deep sense of powerlessness, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and choose to be open to new ideas for a solution.

Eye Brow: I feel this deep sense of powerlessness

Outside Eye: I have no control over this situation

Under Eye: There is nothing I can do to change it

Under Nose: I just have to put up with it and make the best of it

Chin: It’s really hopeless, there’s no way to make this any different

Collar Bone: I’ve completely run out of choices, I just have to wear it

Under Arm: I am totally at the mercy of my situation

Top of The Head: I feel completely and utterly powerless

Eye Brow: Nobody who has ever been in this situation has ever changed it

Outside Eye: And I’m probably the only one who has ever experienced this anyway

Under Eye: I just don’t have what it takes to change this situation

Under Nose: Actually, I’m sure somebody has experienced this before

Chin: And there may have even been somebody who turned it around

Collar Bone: But there’s no way I can change it

Under Arm: I’ve got nothing left to give

Top of Head: What if I could find a solution?

Eye Brow: There must be a solution to this situation

Outside Eye: I just haven’t found it yet

Under Eye: It would be nice to feel some hope about changing this

Under Nose: I gave up to easily

Collar Bone: I choose to be open to the possibility of finding a solution

Under Arm: I choose to know there is a great solution out there for me to this situation

Top of Head: I love feeling hopeful and knowing I have the power to change this situation

Take a deep breath and again make the statement. “I feel powerless to change this situation” and rate it on a scale of 0 to 10.

Keep tapping using these phrases and other ones that you feel are appropriate for you until you bring the rating down to a 1 or a zero. You will probably need to tap on this every few days until you feel a permanent and powerful shift toward your creative and powerful self.

Happy Tapping!