EFT for Forgiveness


Energy is precious. It is the essence of everything, including us. And energy directed somewhere is spent and unavailable to be directed somewhere else. If you spend energy in worry, fear, anxiety, guilt or shame, it is not available to help you create a better future for yourself and others.

Many of us spend more energy blaming ourselves or others for our failures and lack of success. No matter how validated we feel in this pursuit, this is time and energy wasted in a pointless activity that will not achieve anything. It won’t make us feel better and it certainly won’t change the situation.

What if we could forgive ourselves and others unreservedly, take responsibility for our results, and redirect that energy to creating a difference in our lives and in the lives of many others?

With EFT, you can release yourself from negative emotions that drain your energy and stop you from realizing your goals and dreams, thereby giving you the freedom to achieve greater and greater things that could not only transform your life, but the lives of many others as well.

The following EFT sequence will help to release you from shame, guilt and blame so you can get on with being successful and wealthy.

First rate the statement “I can’t forgive myself for all the times I haven’t achieved what I set out to achieve” on a scale of 0 to 10. This statement can relate to what your expectations of you, as well as others expectations of you.

Set Up Phrase

Karate Chop Point:
Even though I can’t forgive myself for all the times I have failed and made mistakes, I deeply and completely forgive myself.

Even though I feel ashamed about my failures and all the times in my life I have made bad choices, I profoundly love and accept who I am and how I feel.

Even though I have done some things and made some choices that are unforgiveable, I choose to deeply and completely love and forgive myself anyway.

Eyebrow: I am so ashamed of the number of times I have failed
Outside Eye: Nobody has failed as much as I have
Under Eye: I’m so disappointed with myself
Under Nose: I don’t think I can ever forgive myself for being such a huge failure.
Chin: I’ve really let myself down
Collar Bone: And I’ve let other people down
Under Arm:
Because I haven’t tried hard enough
Top of Head: I don’t deserve forgiveness
Eyebrow: Because sometimes I’ve been lazy
Outside Eye: And I haven’t always given my best
Under Eye: I haven’t followed through
Under Nose: I haven’t been true to my world
Chin: I haven’t been true to me
Collar Bone: I’ve sabotaged myself so many times
Under Arm: I truly can’t forgive some of the mistakes I’ve made
Top of Head: I haven’t lived up to my expectations
Eyebrow: And I haven’t lived up to the expectations of others
Outside Eye: I’ve made some stupid mistakes
Under Eye: I’ve squandered so much time and energy on meaningless activities
Under Nose: When I should have been focusing on the things I had to do to achieve my goals
Chin: I feel ashamed of some of the poor choices I have made.
Collar Bone: I don’t feel good enough to be wealthy and successful.
Under Arm: I can’t possibly forgive myself when I’ve made so many mistakes.
Top of Head: I don’t deserve to be forgiven because I’ve failed to live up to mine and everybody else’s expectations

Now return and rate the statement: “I can’t forgive myself for all the times I haven’t achieved what I set out to achieve”. If the rating has come down to a 2 or below, then continue on to the positive tapping round. If you haven’t come down that far yet, just keep tapping with the phrases above, or ones that are more appropriate and specific to your situation until you have.

Positive Tapping:

Karate Chop:
Even though I still have this feeling that I deserve to suffer for being such a failure, I choose to love and forgive myself anyway.

Even though I still feel like my laziness / inefficiency / lack of focus is unforgivable, I deeply and completely love and forgive who I am and how I feel.

Even though I don’t know how I’m ever going to forgive myself for being such an under achiever when I have so much potential, I choose to forgive myself anyway and use that energy to move forward with confidence and enthusiasm.

Eyebrow: I have been lazy and inefficient and I haven’t been focused enough
Outside Eye: But I choose to acknowledge that I’ve been doing the best I can
Under Eye: Even if I feel it’s not good enough
Under Nose: Just because I haven’t achieved all my goals yet
Chin: Doesn’t mean I’m a bad person or a failure
Collar Bone: It just means I have some subconscious programming that is stopping me
Under Arm: It’s not really all my fault
Top of Head: And now that I recognize it, I choose to forgive myself
Eyebrow: I could have achieved a lot more by now if I’d had the right subconscious programming
Outside Eye: But it’s okay because I can start to turn that around right now
Under Eye: And the first thing I choose to do is forgive myself
Under Nose: I choose to have compassion and understanding for myself
Chin: I choose to be kind to myself
Collar Bone: I am a good person, I just need to adjust a few things
Under Arm: After all, success is a learning process.
Top of Head: And I love to learn new skills and information
Eyebrow: I choose to forgive my lack of results
Outside Eye: And know that I am capable of achieving whatever I put my mind to.
Under Eye: I just need to adopt the right subconscious programming
Under Nose: And I’m starting to do that right now
Chin: I choose to be proud of the fact that I haven’t given up
Collar Bone: I can’t fail until I give up
Under Arm: I choose to have compassion and understanding for me
Top of Head: And I choose to forgive myself for not achieving my goals yet and focus enthusiastically on reprogramming my subconscious to have a successful and wealthy mindset.

Again rate the statement: “I can’t forgive myself for all the times I haven’t achieved what I set out to achieve”. Keep tapping until you bring the rating right down to zero.

There may be other things you need to forgive yourself for that you feel ashamed and guilty about which makes you feel unworthy to be successful and wealthy. Perhaps you did something to someone that was not very nice and hurt someone. Or maybe there’s something you didn’t do, that you feel you should have done. You may need to ask another person for their forgiveness which can be extremely healing and release you from terrible burdens. There are dozens of reasons why we end up on a permanent guilt trip which saps our energy and prevents us from feeling worthy of realizing our dreams.

EFT is capable of eliminating all of those negative feelings that are draining your energy and preventing you from living to your full potential. Adopt EFT as a part of your lifestyle and use it everyday and your life will be transformed in a relatively short amount of time.

Take care and Happy Tapping.