EFT for When Shit Happens


Below is the EFT and Sound Healing recording for this post:

Do you find yourself rolling from one challenge to the next? Do you feel like nothing ever works for you? Are you fed up with having something to wrong every time you turn a corner?

Welcome to life my friend! Life is a continuous cycle of challenges and problems to solve. And successful people are not immune to this. In fact, the more successful you become, the bigger and more frequent the challenges become. The difference is successful people are great at finding solutions and don’t get stuck in the problem.

And fortunately, as you become more successful, the quality of the problems improves. Instead of worrying about how you are going to feed your family, your questioning how you can make a bigger profit. Or how you can turn what seems like adverse business conditions to your advantage.

I apologize if you are offended by mild profanity, but the truth is, ‘Shit Happens’. It always has and it always will. There are only two variables:

  1. How deep the shit is.
  2. How adept and creative you are at finding a solution to the shit.

The Universe will never throw anything at you that you can’t handle. And honestly, sometimes life really sucks. The question is what are you going to do about it? If you are intent on staying focused on the problem complaining that nothing ever works for you and blaming the situation or person for your predicament, then your life will be an endless cycle of struggle, frustration and pain.

On the other hand, if you are determined to become creative and resourceful and be solution focused, you will find life a very rewarding, exhilarating experience, and you will travel from one success to the next with a sense of eagerness and excitement. As you get better at solving problems, you may even start to enjoy them and how they bring out the best in you. You learn far more from your challenges than you do from the times in your life that are easy. Although, we all benefit from those too. Everybody needs a break right!

On the one hand we have been programmed to believe that life wasn’t meant to be easy, and on the other we have this unrealistic expectation that at some point all the challenges will stop coming and life will be just smooth sailing.

The reality is shit will continue to happen. That’s a fact. And you can choose to see life as an endless struggle and stay stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed, or you can see it as your construction site where things don’t always go the way you want them to and you need to adjust your plans accordingly and find solutions so you can build the life you truly desire.

A problem is only a problem when you can’t find a solution. And there is a solution for every problem. When you take this approach, the truth is, you can’t have any problems, you just need to get good at finding solutions. There is nothing more empowering than trusting in your ability to be able to solve any challenge that comes your way. When you take this mental approach, your challenges become opportunities.

I have created an EFT tapping sequence to help you release the frustration and overwhelm associated with seeing life as one big challenge and accept that ‘shit happens’, so you can move forward confidently and become a good problem solver.

Firstly, rate this statement on a scale of 0 (meaning it’s not true for you) and 10 (meaning it’s really intense for you).

“I’m so tired of having all this shit happen in my life”

Karate Chop:

Even though I am tired of moving from one problem to the next and my life really sucks, I choose to love and accept who I am and how I feel.

Even though nothing seems to work for me and I’m frustrated by the amount of problems I have in my life, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.

Even though my shit just keeps happening to me and I feel overwhelmed and frustrated, I profoundly love and accept all of me.

Eyebrow: I’m so tired of all this shit happening in my life

Outside Eye: Why can’t life be easy for a change?

Under Eye: I feel so overwhelmed by all the problems I have

Under Nose: Nothing ever seems to work for me

Chin: I feel so frustrated and fed up that I keep sabotaging myself

Collar Bone: It’s not fair that I have to fight my way through all these problems

Under Arm: Life isn’t supposed to be this hard

Top of Head: Why does this shit keep happening to me?

Eyebrow: I’m so fed up with nothing working for me.

Outside Eye: I’m so tired of living in Ground Hog day

Under Eye: Every time I turn around there’s another problem

Under Nose: I wish life was easier and I didn’t have all these problems

Chin: I did not expect life to turn out this way for me

Collar Bone: I don’t know why I even bother trying

Under Arm: I feel so overwhelmed and frustrated

Top of Head: I’m so tired of never achieving my goals

Eyebrow: Nothing ever works for me

Outside Eye: Everything I try turns to shit

Under Eye: I feel buried in problems

Under Nose: I’m so tired, overwhelmed and frustrated

Chin: I just can’t seem to get a break

Collar Bone: It’s not fair, my life really sucks

Under Arm: I wish I could just get a break and everything was easy

Top of Head: I’m so tired of having so much shit happen in my life

Take a deep breath. Now go back and rate that statement: “I’m tired of having all this shit happen in my life”. Keep tapping on these phrases, or ones that are more appropriate for you, until you have brought the rating down to a two or below and then continue on to the positive tapping round.

Karate Chop:

Even though I still feel frustrated and overwhelmed by all the shit happening in my life, I choose to focus more on solutions than on the problems.

Even though I’m tired of my life being an endless series of problems, I choose to focus on finding solutions to the various problems that arise.

Even though I still want my life to be easier without all these problems, I choose to accept that sometimes shit happens and to find positive solutions when it does.

Eyebrow:  I still feel overwhelmed and frustrated

Outside Eye: It’s really depressing to think life is made up of problems

Under Eye: I can’t just accept that this is the way life is

Under Nose: It’s no fun at all having all these problems

Chin: What if it’s not as bad as I think

Collar Bone: If I could find a solution, I wouldn’t have a problem

Under Arm: I choose to accept that shit happens sometimes

Top of Head: What if all these problems are blessings in disguise

Eyebrow: How can all this shit be a blessing?

Outside Eye: It sure doesn’t feel like it right now

Under Eye: But I’m sure there’s a blessing in this somewhere

Under Nose: It would be very satisfying to find solutions to these problems

Chin: I know that the Universe doesn’t send me anything I can’t handle

Collar Bone: Which means I am capable of finding solutions to these challenges

Under Arm: I choose to be open to finding solutions

Top of Head: It’s a fact of life that shit happens

Eyebrow: So I choose to accept that and be great at solving my problems

Outside Eye: Even though I don’t know how right now

Under Eye: I choose to be open to finding solutions to all my problems

Under Nose: I choose to let go of my overwhelm and frustration

Chin: I know there are people who have solved similar problems before

Collar Bone: I’m ready to get out of being stuck in my problems

Under Arm: I love the satisfaction that I feel when I solve a problem

Top of Head: And I love the satisfaction of knowing I can solve any problem, even these ones.

Take a deep breath. Now go back and rate that statement: “I’m tired of having all this shit happen in my life”.

Keep tapping until you feel confident that you are able to find solutions to any problems that come to you. And in the future, when shit happens, just start tapping so you can stop being overwhelmed by the problem and get on with finding a solution.

EFT is a great solution to so many problems !