Learn EFT and Release Money Stress

Below is a tutorial on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which will also help you to release one of the most common blocks to money and wealth.

Attract $20,000 with EFT

Podcast (with sound healing)

Video (No sound healing)

Would having an extra $20,000 help you out right now? I’m sure it would! Nobody in their right mind would sneeze at $20,000.

Ever since the hit movie ‘The Secret’, people have been working with the Law of Attraction and trying desperately to transform their lives for the better. Most, unfortunately, have never achieved the results they desire, and many have given up with a sense of hopelessness feeling as if either there is something wrong with them, or that the Law of Attraction is a sham.

This is an unfortunate situation, and the truth is, that most people don’t understand the fundamental principals of the Law of Attraction and what it takes to make it work.

The principal behind the LOA is simple. We are vibrational beings and, just like us, everything in the Universe is energy vibrating at a particular frequency. When 2 objects vibrate at the same frequency, they are attracted to each other. All emotions and belief systems are also energy. So if you have belief systems and emotions that are vibrating in alignment with lack and poverty, you will literally repel money. The good news is that we can alter our vibration and frequency through positive focus on what we want and aligning ourselves vibrationally with it.

The next most important point is that this takes time, and it is different for everybody. For some it may happen quite quickly, depending on where their vibration is in comparison to what they want, while others may take a lot longer. The critical thing is to never, never, never give up. As long as you maintain a positive focus, you must end up in alignment with what you want and when you are in alignment, it must come into your life. THIS IS LAW!!!

Fortunately we now have many different transformational tools available to us to help change our frequency more quickly. And when used regularly and effectively, over time our lives can become like a factory for miracles.

Those who know me know that my favourite tools are Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Sound Healing. So following you will find an EFT script that you can follow and, if used regularly (preferably every day) for a few weeks, miracles will definitely start to occur.

Karate Chop:

Even though I could really use $20,000 right now, I have absolutely no idea how to attract it into my life, and I choose to love and accept myself anyway.

Even though the thought of having an extra $20,000 really makes my heart sing, I’m convinced that I will never get to see that kind of money in my lifetime because I’ve always blocked it in the past, but I choose to be open to all the possibilities the Universe has in store for me.

Even though I’m convinced that I’m hopeless at attracting money and the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for me, I’m open to finding out whatever is blocking me from wealth and releasing whatever that is.

Eyebrow: There’s no way I’m going to receive $20,000

Outside Eye: It’s just not possible

Under Eye: I could definitely use it right now

Under Nose: But I am hopeless at attracting money

Chin: I’ve tried everything and the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for me

Collar Bone: The thought of having that kind of money makes me go weak at the knees

Under Arm: It would really solve a lot of problems for me right now

Top of Head: But I’ve never been good at receiving money

Eyebrow: Money and me really don’t get along

Outside Eye: I must be blocking it for some reason

Under Eye: But that doesn’t make any sense

Under Nose: Why would I block money coming into my life

Chin: Maybe the Universe is holding out on me

Collar Bone: Maybe it’s some kind of cosmic joke

Under Arm: Well it’s not funny

Top of Head: I’m angry that I’ve tried really hard, but the Universe is holding out on me

Eyebrow: I’m fed up that I can’t create the money I want in my life

Outside Eye: I’ve tried and tried and there’s no way I’m getting $20,000

Under Eye: The Law of Attraction just doesn’t work for me

Under Nose: I know deep down inside that I’m blocking it

Chin: Which is really frustrating because I could really use $20,000 right now

Collar Bone: Maybe I don’t feel safe having that kind of money

Under Arm: Maybe I don’t feel like I deserve it

Top of Head: Maybe I’d be breaking some sort of family law if I had that kind of money

Eyebrow: I would love to know why I’m blocking having more money

Outside Eye: Because then I could clear it and all my problems would be solved

Under Eye: But I have no idea how I could create having $20,000

Under Nose: I’m obviously not in vibrational alignment with it

Chin: Because I’m just no good at bringing money into my life

Collar Bone: I would love to have an extra $20,000 dollars right now

Under Arm: But I really don’t believe that it’s ever going to happen

Top of Head: And I’m tired of struggling for money

Take a deep breath.

Most people, when they’re considering their financial problems, get stuck because they don’t know how they can change their situation. Remember that ‘how’ is not important because it’s not your business. The Universe has hundreds if not thousands of possibilities available to be able to create solutions to your problems and whatever money you want to attract into your life. The Universe knows how to orchestrate everything to create whatever you want. ‘How’ is not your concern. ‘What’ is all you have to worry about and then follow the inspiration that turns up.

Start to really pay attention to any signs and inspiration that appear over the coming days, weeks and months and be grateful for any extra money, small and large, however it comes to you and a trickle will turn into a flood.

Now for a positive EFT tapping round.

Eyebrow: I would really love to have an extra $20,000 right now

Outside Eye: I can just imagine what I’m going to do to get it

Under Eye: I would love to know why I’m blocking money in my life

Under Nose: And whatever it is, I choose to transcend and transform it right now

Chin: Maybe I don’t have to know what the block is

Collar Bone: I choose to tune into my vibration

Under Arm: And call up all the blocks I have to money

Top of Head: And I transform and transmute them into pure love energy

Eyebrow: I call up whatever blocks I have to $20,000

Outside Eye: And I transform and transcend them right now

Under Eye: I choose to take all the energy I have invested

Under Nose: In blocking money in my life

Chin: And transmute and transform it into pure love energy right now

Collar Bone: I choose to release any belief system or emotion

Under Arm: That’s blocking $20,000 in my life

Top of Head: And transmute, transform and transcend it into positive energy now

Eyebrow: I love the thought of having $20,000

Outside Eye: And I’m curious about how it’s going to turn up

Under Eye: I choose to allow it into my life with ease and grace

Under Nose: I choose to be open to receive $20,000 now

Chin: I choose to know I’m a master creator

Collar Bone: And if I want an extra $20,000 then I just have to align my vibration with it

Under Arm: So I choose to align my vibration with $20,000 right now

Top of Head: And I allow it into my life with ease and grace

Eyebrow: I know exactly what I’m going to do with that money

Outside Eye: And it is going to feel so great

Under Eye: I am ready to release all belief systems that are blocking financial freedom for me

Under Nose: And I’m really excited about having an extra $20,000 in my life

Chin: And I’m open to all the possibilities and opportunities

Collar Bone: That could help me create $20,000

Under Arm: With ease and grace

Top of Head: I’m so happy and so grateful to receive $20,000 with ease and grac

Another thing to remember is that your level of belief is also very important. The slightest doubt will unravel your attempts to attract what you want, so build absolute faith using EFT and by visualising your dreams, being grateful for them coming to fruition. Do this and your life will be transformed.

And you may have any belief systems that are blocking your wealth become very clear to you through things that happen. Pay attention, particularly to things and situations that are in your face, and may even be challenging. These are gifts from the Universe showing you what’s blocking what you want. It’s up to you to clear them to allow the money to show up.

And finally, be patient. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. IT IS LAW!

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Money Can Buy Happiness

That’s right! I am going to go against the trend and tell you that the age old belief that ‘Money can’t buy happiness’ is a myth and you need to vanquish it from your memory and your programming forever.

The obvious argument for the original statement that ‘money can’t buy happiness’ is clear. Happiness comes from within, and there are plenty of wealthy and successful people who are unfulfilled and desperately unhappy. I am not disputing that for a second.

And I’m not talking about being able to buy more ‘stuff’ that will make you happy. This is a recipe for disaster and will pretty much guarantee failure in your pursuit of happiness as more stuff is simply another distraction from what you really need which is personal fulfilment on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

My position in this debate is this: it’s not that money can’t buy happiness, but that money doesn’t necessarily buy you happiness. Money can most definitely buy you happiness when you are spending it wisely in ways that will help you to rediscover happiness.

Happiness is a state of being that exists within us regardless of our situation, it’s just that more often than not it has paled into insignificance because of all the stress, worry, anger, fear, frustration, sadness, guilt, shame, overwhelm, etc, etc, etc. It’s not that we aren’t happy, it’s just that the happiness has been swamped by a multitude of other negative emotions. The happiness is still inside us waiting to rise above all the other conditions.

So, if this is true, how can money buy happiness?

Well, what is the best way to release all your negative emotions to rediscover your true inner peace and happiness? Healing, personal development and reconnecting with who you truly are!

And what is almost essential to help you experience the most powerful form of healing and personal development? Money!

Sure, we all have within us everything we need to be our beautiful, magnificent, awesomeness and share it with the world. However, in my experience, it can be almost impossible to raise your head out of the emotional quagmire to be able to reach that place inside on your own. Having someone to guide you to that place inside of you and help you release all the other crap is so much more effective and efficient.

And there are plenty of incredible healers and specialists available who have made it their life’s work to do just that. The fact of the matter is that they charge money for their services, and rightly so. And the more well known they are, the more money they charge.

It’s important to note that just because they are more well known, doesn’t mean they are necessarily the best. It just means they have marketed themselves more effectively to be seen as the expert.

Money will also give you the time freedom you need to be able to spend it focusing on your healing and personal development to realize true and lasting happiness.


And if you have money, you can invest it in acquiring the tools, information and resources you require to live a life of purpose, passion and fulfilment.


So in fact, money will never be the source of your happiness. Having a constant in flow of money will help you feel financially secure, but it is the way you utilise the money that will ultimately assist you in rediscovering your true state of joy and happiness.


Money is a tool that gives you access to everything you need to engage in a fulfilling and satisfying life. So do whatever you can to eliminate your negative belief systems around money. It’s time you gave yourself permission to be successful and wealthy and do whatever you came here to do so the rest of the world can benefit!

10 Tips for Making 2012 Great

Most people have given up on, or conveniently forgotten their NY resolutions by the 15th of January each year. How are you going with yours? If you have given up in resignation, or if you didn’t make any resolutions because you have not stuck to them before, it’s never too late to re-affirm your commitment and start again.

Here are some tips to keep you inspired to achieve your goals this year:

  1. Identify what area of your life you really want to improve and get really clear about how you want it look. Be very specific about where you are now and where you want to be.
  2. Focus on just one or two major goals for the year. It’s better to achieve one or two things that will really make a difference to your life than make lots of goals and never reach any of them.
  3. Make your goals achievable – It’s great to challenge yourself, but if you bite off more than you can chew, then your probably never going to get started, or will give up quickly, because the reality of it is so overwhelming.
  4. Form them in a way that is inspiring for you. e.g. If you want to lose weight, don’t just state “I want to lose 5kg”. This is not very inspiring. Find a favorite outfit / piece of clothing, in your wardrobe that you haven’t been able to fit into and make it your goal to fit into it by a particular date. Or have a particular event in mind and make your goal to wow your friends at the event in a new outfit. Or wearing your swim suit during summer with confidence. I think you get the idea.
  5. Chunk your goals down into shorter term goals. e.g. 12 months, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month, 1 week, 1 day.
  6. Write all your goals down and keep them in a place where you can see them and remind yourself of what you are committed to achieving this year. This is even better if done as a vision board.
  7. Identify what new habits you need to adopt to get you there and keep you there.
  8. Uncover and let go of whatever belief systems have been blocking you from achieving this in the past. You will have to if you want real change.
  9. Review your goals regularly and adjust them as you need to.
  10. Get a coach or somebody whom you are accountable to and report to them on a pre-arranged regular basis and make sure they are not going to allow you to make excuses and let you off the hook. Accountability is key to your success at achieving anything.

Anthony Robbins says there is the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Which do you choose to experience this year?

You Must Break The Rules If You Want To Succeed

From the time we are introduced to this world, we are taught to conform. We are rewarded by the people who are the most influential in our lives if we adopt their way of thinking, the patterns of behaviour they exhibit, their judgements, values, ideals, etc.

We are over regulated with rules within rules within rules that are designed to control our behaviour and make us into good little conformists, so people, authorities and governments know what to expect from us and they don’t receive any nasty little surprises by having us actually challenge their way of thinking, feeling or being in the world.

We are conditioned to fear thinking and behaving differently because there are “consequences”. Most of us don’t even understand consciously what these apparent consequences might be, it’s just inherited thinking that they are there, threatening any innate desire we might have to explore new realms and possibilities and ways of being in the world.

Sadly, most of us aren’t taught to think for ourselves, but adopt the thinking of others who have survived with their way of thinking and believe that it is in your best interests to think and act the way they do. We develop physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually through modelling.

And we also adopt their dysfunction and limitations as well. Largely we become carbon copies of the people in our environment. Instead of being encouraged to think for ourselves and discern what works for us and become individuals free to express our own unique brilliance in the world, we are largely punished for ‘breaking the mold’ and becoming our own person.

It is possible to break free of this conditioning. It was said by a close relative that Steve Jobs “Didn’t think the rules applied to him”. And he expressed himself in a way that redefined the way we live today by not allowing everybody else’s definition of possible and impossible to influence his thinking. It also meant he could be anti-social and fly in the face of authority against regulations that are put there actually to protect us, not just to control us. It’s smart to play by the rules that serve us, and be ready to break down and reject those that don’t.

All the leaders, inventors and super successful people in the world have, in one way or another, found a way to break out of conformity and break the rules that don’t serve their purpose.

Leading edge innovative organizations like Apple, Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, Virgin, Nintendo and many other technology based companies have transformed many aspects of our lives and actually altered our behavior through their audaciousness and refusing to be captured within the web of the structured systems we hold onto so vigorously.

Obviously, it is in our best interests to be respectful of those around us and behave in a way that does not threaten the well being of any living creature. But there are many rules, many of them unwritten, and secretly passed down to you through generations of compliant people who don’t dare to challenge the system, that are begging to be broken, and must be broken, if you are to succeed.

Below is an EFT tapping sequence that will help you to break free of limitations adopted during your earliest years through conditioning and not be frightened to break the rules that are holding you back from being the best you can be and living to your full potential.

First rate the following statement on a scale of 0 to 10. ) being that it’s not true for you at all and 10 being the most true it could possibly be for you: “I’m afraid to break the rules in case I have to suffer the consequences”.

Now go through the following tapping sequence:

Set Up:

Karate Chop Point:

Even though I’m afraid to break the rules because there might be consequences, I deeply and completely accept the way I feel.

Even though I have this fear about breaking the rules in case it gets ugly, I profoundly love and accept all of me.

Even though I’m afraid to be unique and different and break the rules because I know there will be consequences, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Eyebrow: I was taught to follow the rules

Outside Eye: And I’ve been a good rule follower

Under Eye: I’ve done what I was told

Under Nose: And it’s worked for me so far

Chin: People know what to expect

Collar Bone: And I know what to expect

Top of Head: I’m actually afraid to break the rules

Eyebrow: It’s better for everybody if I conform, including me

Outside Eye: I feel safe when I follow the rules

Under Eye: They taught me not to express my individuality

Under Nose: And to follow the rules

Chin: Everybody’s happy when I follow the rules

Collar Bone: My families rules

Under Arm: Societies rules

Top of Head: The Governments rules

Eyebrow: There are so many rules

Outside Eye: I’m tired of following the rules

Under Eye: But what about the consequences if I don’t

Under Nose: Bad things will happen if I don’t follow the rules

Chin: And I’ll get into trouble

Collar Bone: That’s why I’m afraid to break the rules

Under Arm: I don’t like getting into trouble

Top of Head: Even though I’m really limited by all these rules

Eyebrow: I choose to follow them anyway

Outside Eye: Because I’m afraid to break them

Under Eye: It’s not safe to break the rules

Under Nose: Or challenge the system

Chin: Because there are consequences

Collar Bone: And I’m not prepared to suffer the consequences

Under Arm: It’s just easier and safer if I stick to what I know

Top of Head: I’m afraid to break the rules in case I have to suffer the consequences.

And take a deep breath and rate that statement: “I’m afraid to break the rules in case I have to suffer the consequences”. I it has come down to a 2 or below then move onto the positive tapping round. Otherwise, keep tapping with these phrases or ones that you feel are more appropriate for you and your situation, until it’s come down to a 2 or below before progressing.

Set Up:

Karate Chop:

Even though I still have this fear about breaking the rules, I’m ready to challenge all my old programming and express my own unique brilliance to the world.

Even though there might be consequences if I don’t conform the way I was taught, I choose to break free of these limiting rules and be uniquely me in every way, free to discover my full infinite potential.

Even though I don’t feel safe challenging the system and all the rules I was taught to follow, I’m ready to break the rules anyway and surprising everyone by achieving way beyond all of their expectations and mine.

Eyebrow: I’m ready to break free of the rules that no longer serve me

Outside Eye: I’m tired of being a conformist

Under Eye: I’m prepared to suffer the consequences of breaking the rules

Under Nose: So I can be free to be me

Chin: I love the thought of being free to be all of me

Collar Bone: Even if it means I’m going to shock some people

Under Arm: Even if some of my family and friends don’t won’t me to

Top of Head: I’m tired of being limited by all these rules

Eyebrow: And I refuse to allow myself to be limited by them anymore

Outside Eye: It feels so liberating and exciting

Under Eye: When I think about breaking out and being uniquely me

Under Nose: And doing things that are unexpected

Chin: And living to my full potential

Under Arm: I have allowed myself to be bound by these rules for long enough

Top of Head: And it’s worth upsetting people to realize my goals and dreams

Eyebrow: If people don’t like it, then that’s their problem

Outside Eye: I love the thought of being free to be me

Under Eye:  I feel so liberated and excited about the possibilities

Under Nose: Now I know I don’t have to follow all of their rules

Chin: I refuse to allow their rules to prevent me

Collar Bone: From living to my full potential anymore

Under Arm: I am ready to break out

Top of Head: And go way beyond everybodies expectations

Eyebrow: And way beyond my expectations

Outside Eye: I’ll probably cop some flack from people who want me to stay where I am

Under Eye: But I don’t want to be where they are

Under Nose: I’m ready to fly in the face of convention

Chin: And show everybody what I’m really capable of

Collar Bone: By being the best I can possibly be in every part of my life

Under Arm: I feel liberated and excited about breaking all the rules

Top of Head: That have been holding me back all my life from living to my full potential

And take a deep breath and rate that statement: “I’m afraid to break the rules in case I have to suffer the consequences”.

Keep tapping until the rating has come down to a zero.

And if you do fly in the face of convention, you are going to experience resistance from all over the place from people who truly believe they have your best interests at heart by bringing you back to where they are. The question is do you really want to be where they are? Has it been working for you so far? What do you really want out of life?

Would you prefer to live as an under achiever like the people you have modelled, or would you prefer to be a Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, breaking convention and living to their full potential and making the world a better place?

It’s your choice!

Is It Selfish or Greedy to be Wealthy?

Do you have a belief that it’s selfish or greedy to be wealthy? Do you feel that if you have more others will have less?

Let me ask you a couple of other questions. If you are struggling financially, how is that serving yourself and others? If all your needs and wants were met and you had the financial freedom to do whatever you wanted, what could you do to help others?

I’m not going to beat around the bush here. We are at a critical point in our evolution. We have a massive health crisis, a worsening wealth crisis and because of our actions, our planet is also in crisis and needs our assistance.

Do you think the governments of the world are going to solve each and every one of these crises? Do you think the lottery is your best chance of becoming financially free? What if you have a lot more power than you realize  to change your own future and the future of our world as we know it, you just have to release yourself from limiting beliefs that aren’t even yours?

The good news is, you do and you can! And the critical point is, YOU MUST!

I personally released myself from my blocks to wealth, success and freedom through the power EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Sound Healing. If you are ready to do the same, then please register for the 6 free EFT videos on the right hand side of this page.

Richard Branson has stated that it is the entrepreneurs of the world who is going to save our species and our planet. It is people like him and Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, all of them multi-billionaires from very humble beginnings, who are redistributing their wealth to places that really need it. And you don’t need to be a billionaire to make a difference, you just need to be financially free.

Many of us have been programmed to believe that wanting more than we need is greedy and selfish, when the truth is the opposite. Being wealthy, looking after your own needs and desires and redistributing the wealth to places that need it is one of the most selfless things you can possibly do.

Whilst you are fighting just to survive and pay the bills, you do not have the capacity to help anyone, nor should you have to. But by releasing yourself from the programming that has created this vicious cycle of financial imprisonment for you, you are free to help put money and time toward some of the thousands of causes for people, animals and the planet that desperately need our care, attention and money right now.

In other words, the people and animals of the world, and the planet itself, need you to be wealthy. Even by just being able to easily meet your basic needs, your energy will be freed up to think more about how you can help others.

Being wealthy is not a luxury, it is a responsibility to yourself, to the people you love, to the global community and to our planet. It’s time to break free of whatever is holding you back from living a life of passion, purpose and freedom and realize your goals and dreams, and help inspire a global revolution of wealth, health and freedom for everybody who lives on this planet.

Just register for the 6 free EFT videos on the right hand side of this page and create a life of purpose, passion and freedom!

Can Money and Spirituality Co-Exist

There is an age old conflict about money and spiritually being mutually exclusive. A belief that if you wish to be a spiritual being that you must renounce all material wealth and possessions because you can’t have both.

This is an unfortunate lie that so many of us have bought into and has created suffering for hundreds of millions of people throughout the ages.

Do you have this conflicting belief system? Would you like to let it go and know that you can HAVE IT ALL?

The truth is, whilst you are struggling for survival, your focus is going to be on physical needs, not personal and spiritual growth, and the more financial freedom you have, the more time and money you will be able to spend on being a spiritual person.

So, far from being mutually exclusive, money and spirituality are mutually beneficial.

So, if you would like to let go of this belief system, I have an EFT Tapping sequence below to help you to break free of this destructive paradigm and live a life of spirituality AND financial freedom.

Firstly rate the statement “I can’t be spiritual and wealthy” on a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being it is not true for you at all and 10 being it is absolutely 100% true for you.

Set Up Phrase – Karate Chop Point:

Even though I don’t believe I can be spiritual and wealthy, because you can’t have both, I deeply and completely love and accept who I am and what I believe.

Even though I don’t believe it’s possible for me to be wealthy and be spiritual at the same time, because they are mutually exclusive, I profoundly love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I’m convinced that it’s not possible to be both spiritual and have lots of money, because they are polar opposites, I deeply and completely love and accept all of me.

Eyebrow Point: If I want to be spiritual I can’t be wealthy

Outside Eye: That’s the way it’s always been

Under Eye: It’s not possible to be both spiritual and wealthy

Under Nose: To be spiritual, I have to let go of all material wants and needs

Chin: Everybody knows that’s just the way it is

Collar Bone: If you are wealthy, you can’t be truly spiritual

Under Arm: Because money blocks spirituality

Top of Head: All spiritual leaders renounce material wealth

Eyebrow Point: It’s not possible to have it all

Outside Eye: And be spiritual and wealthy

Under Eye: Their energies are completely different

Under Nose: They are in direct conflict with each other

Chin: I would rather be spiritual than wealthy

Collar Bone: Because I know I can’t have both

Under Arm: So I refuse to be wealthy

Top of Head: Because being spiritual is the superior choice and I can’t be both spiritual and wealthy.

Take a breath and rate that statement: “I can’t be spiritual and wealthy”.

And start another round of tapping:

Eyebrow Point: Money and spirituality can’t co-exist

Outside Eye: And there is no question that I must choose spirituality over money

Under Eye: Because that’s the obvious choice

Under Nose: I would never choose money over spirituality

Chin: That would be the greedy and selfish choice

Collar Bone: And I would never want to be greedy and selfish

Under Arm: So I choose to be spiritual over wealthy

Top of Head: Because I can’t have both

Eyebrow Point: Money and spirituality are in complete conflict with each other

Outside Eye: So I refuse to be wealthy

Under Eye: Because no sane, kind, compassionate person would ever choose money over spirituality

Under Nose: It’s not possible to have money and be spiritual

Chin: At least that’s what I’ve been led to believe all my life

Collar Bone: And it must be true because there are no spiritual, wealthy people in the world

Under Arm: Truly spiritual people are financially destitute

Top of Head: So I choose to renounce all my financial wants so I can focus on being spiritual

Take a breath and rate that statement: “I can’t be spiritual and wealthy”.

Positive Tapping Round:

Karate Chop:

Even though I’ve always believed it’s not possible to be spiritual & wealthy, I choose to be open to a new possibility

Even though I’ve always thought money and spirituality are in conflict with each other, I’m ready to let go of that old belief system.

Even though I still have this conflict about money & spirituality, I’m ready to embrace a new paradigm that they can co-exist.

Eyebrow Point: I’ve always believed money & spirituality are a conflict of interest.

Outside Eye: But what if I’ve been wrong all along?

Under Eye: What if they can actually compliment each other?

Under Nose: It makes sense that when I have more money I’ll have more freedom to be more spiritual

Chin: I’ve believed this lie for way too long

Collar Bone: And I’m ready to release myself from it now

Under Arm: And embrace a new paradigm that I can be spiritual and wealthy

Top of Head: It’s very liberating knowing I can be spiritual and wealthy

Eyebrow Point: In fact when I’m wealthy, I’ll have more time and money to be more spiritual

Outside Eye: It really makes sense that it is possible to be both spiritual and wealthy

Under Eye: I love knowing I really can have it all

Under Nose: I don’t know who taught me that you can’t

Chin: But I love letting go of that lie

Collar Bone: And knowing that I can be spiritual and wealthy

Under Arm: I love knowing they can co-exist and even compliment each other

Top of Head: I am excited about being wealthy and spiritual at the same time.

Eyebrow Point: I feel so free and liberated

Outside Eye: I love letting go of the old lie

Under Eye: And embracing the new belief that works for me

Under Nose: That I can be spiritual and wealthy

Chin: I love knowing I can have it all

Collar Bone: This opens up all sorts of possibilities

Under Arm: And means I am free to be massively wealthy

Top of Head: I feel so liberated knowing I can be spiritual and wealthy at the same time

And take a breath and rate that statement “I can’t be spiritual and wealthy”

If you still have some of that belief then try and think about where you heard it or learned it from in the first place and tap on that and explore other belief systems for you around the same issue. And if you would like more EFT Tapping sequences register on the top right hand side of this blog for a free 6 part EFT and Sound Healing Series on Money and Success.

Take care and Happy Tapping!


You Deserve to Be Wealthy

How are your finances right now? Do you have the freedom to do everything you want and more? If not, then the reason is not the global economy. It’s not your families’ fault. It’s not your employers’ fault. It’s nobodies fault, not even yours, but it is your responsibility to change it.

Your personal economy is not at the mercy of any outside influence, and you have the ability to thrive under any economic conditions. More fortunes are made during times of depression than any other for those who put themselves in a position to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.

It depends on your subconscious programming, whether you believe it’s safe and right for you to succeed and whether your belief systems (BS) support that you deserve to succeed. But if you have any belief that there isn’t enough, that your not good enough, that something bad will happen if you succeed, that you don’t deserve success or wealth, that money is evil, that only criminals get rich, rich people are greedy / arrogant / uncaring or some other negative belief system, then your subconscious will never allow you to be wealthy or successful.

And unless your BS’s support you being wealthy and successful, you are living your life based on lies. You deserve to have everything you wish for and so much more. And the following EFT sequence will give you a big boost in the right direction.

There are hundreds, even thousands of reasons that you might subconsciously sabotage your success and it all stems back to your childhood and your ancestors belief systems around money and success as well as your experiences as you grew up. It’s impossible to get to the root of all your belief systems in one session. It is your responsibility to be consistent at uncovering what is holding you back. But the following EFT tapping sequence will help to shift your vibration and start the ball rolling and, if you use it often, you will find your belief systems coming up to show you what you need to clear in order to be successful and wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

If you aren’t familiar with EFT Tapping then please visit my website www.healingandabundance.com where you can access a tutorial teaching you this simple yet powerful transformational technique.

Firstly, repeat the statement “I deserve to be financially wealthy beyond my wildest dreams”. Now rate how true that statement feels for you on a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being it’s not true at all and 10 being the most true it could be for you.

And now follow this tapping sequence.

Karate Chop Point:

Even though I don’t believe I deserve to be wealthy and successful, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I keep sabotaging my financial freedom, I choose to love and accept myself and believe that I do deserve better.

Even though money and life is always a struggle for me and I don’t know how to change it, I choose to love and accept all of me.

Eyebrow:   Money is always a struggle for me.
Outside Eye:   My family has always worked hard for money
Under Eye:   And we could never get ahead
Under Nose:   That’s just the way it is for us
Chin:   We’re good, honest, hard working people
Collar Bone:   And honest people never get ahead
Under Arm:   That’s just the truth about life and money
Top of Head:   All wealthy people are greedy and waste money on frivolous things

Eyebrow:   And I would never like to be like them
Outside Eye:   So I never want to be wealthy
Under Eye:   It’s not right that I should be wealthy when so many other people, including my family never have enough
Under Nose:   Because the truth is, there is not enough to go round
Chin:   If I have more, somebody else has less, and I couldn’t live with that
Collar Bone:   Besides, money can’t buy happiness, that’s what my family taught me
Under Arm:   I should be satisfied with what I’ve got
Top of Head:   Besides, it’s safe where I am, even if I am struggling

Eyebrow:   I won’t know who I am if I’m wealthy and successful
Outside Eye:   And my life will change completely, and I couldn’t have that
Under Eye:   I’m better of just struggling and working hard
Under Nose:   My family showed me that that’s they way it’s supposed to be for us
Chin:   And I don’t want to betray my family and friends
Collar Bone:   What will they think of me?
Under Arm:   What if they don’t like me anymore?
Top of Head:   No, it’s definitely not safe for me to be wealthy and successful, so I’m going to stay right where I am

Take a slow, deep breath and again repeat the phrase “I deserve to be financially wealthy beyond my wildest dreams”. Rate how true that statement feels for you on a scale of 0 to 10. The number should have improved at least a little bit.

Now it’s up to you to do some more in depth inquiry into why you aren’t wealthy and why you feel you don’t deserve to be. Have a look over the previous tapping phrases again and pull out the ones that are most true for you. I have covered a whole range of different belief systems there, but there are hundreds of others that may also pertain to you.

How do you feel about deserving to be wealthy? Life being a struggle? Being able to be frivolous with money? And think about why you would feel that you are undeserving? Think back to when you were about 5 or 6. How did your parents interact about money? Were they constantly working, struggling, stressing out and never getting ahead? Were there arguments about money? What did they think about rich, successful people? How would they react if you walked in the house being really wealthy and successful, driving an expensive sports car and wearing expensive clothing / jewellery? How would your friends react?

Are you starting to see where our subconscious could be a web of belief systems all intertwined that keep you stuck in your current reality?

So, once you’ve explored what’s holding you back and tapped until you have the rating around the phrase “I deserve to be financially wealthy beyond my wildest dreams” up to at least an 8, try the positive tapping round below and notice how different you feel.

Karate Chop Point:
Even though I still have this feeling that money has to be a struggle, I choose to know in every fibre and cell of my being that I deserve to be wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.

Even though I have been holding myself back from being financially free, I deeply and completely accept myself and am open to new possibilities to attract more money into my life.

Even though I’m still holding onto these belief systems that are preventing me from being financially wealthy, I choose to believe there are hundreds of ways money could come to me and be open to receiving it.

Eyebrow:   I choose to believe that I deserve to be financially wealthy
Outside Eye:   I choose to know that there are hundreds of ways money could come to me
Under Eye:   I choose to give myself permission to be massively wealthy
Under Nose:   I choose to believe in my physical being and my etheric being that I deserve to wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.
Chin:   I choose to believe in every fibre and cell of my being that it is safe for me to be wealthy and successful
Collar Bone:   I choose to release myself from worrying about what others are going to think about me
Under Arm:   I love being financially free and being able to be frivolous with money
Top of Head:   I choose to release myself from all the anxiety and stress around my money
Eyebrow:   I am so grateful for all the opportunities coming to me to help me receive more money
Outside Eye:   I choose to give myself permission to be wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.
Under Eye:   I choose to believe in my physical being and my etheric being that I deserve success and financial wealth
Under Nose:   I love the thought of having more money than I could ever need
Chin:   I love thinking of all the good things I will do and people I will help when I have more money than I could ever need
Collar Bone:   I choose to release myself from all the negative belief systems that have held me back from money and success now
Under Arm:   I am even feeling excited about what the future holds for me financially.
Top of Head:   I love knowing that I deserve to be wealthy beyond my wildest dreams and that it is safe for me to receive lots and lots of money.

If you want to see real lasting results, you will need to keep tapping on the various belief systems that you see coming up, including these ones consistently. And if you do, you will quite quickly see your life and your wealth transform and magic will happen.

Happy tapping.

Be Open To Receive Abundance

It couldn’t sound more simple, and yet it is a major stumbling block for the majority of people who are suffering from a lack and poverty consciousness.

Whilst you are focusing on creating your new life of purpose, prosperity and happiness, this is something that you must attend to as a matter of the utmost importance.

The truth is there is infinite abundance in the Universe, your job is to let more of that money flow into your life.  There are many reasons why people block the abundance from coming in and many of them point back to lack of self worth and judgements about themselves, money and wealthy people in general.

There is no point creating a massive flow of wealth in your direction if you’ve locked the front door and won’t let it in. Be diligent in weeding out those negative belief systems that are blocking you from financial abundance and get rid of them once and for all. Increasing your conscious awareness of how you feel about money in all of your daily transactions will be very helpful as well as your feelings about yourself and wealthy people.

Use the following EFT phrases to help you to open to receive more wealth and abundance into your life.

Example EFT Tapping Phrases:

Set Up Phrases:

Karate Chop:

Even though I’ve been blocking the flow of money and I’m not sure why, I profoundly love and accept all of me.

Even though I have allowed my belief systems to prevent me from allowing money to flow in my life, I deeply and completely respect my beliefs and forgive myself anyway.

Even though I’ve created a great deal of struggle in my life because I’ve stopped the flow of wealth and abundance, I choose to know I can change all that now by letting go of my negative belief systems and I deeply and completely love and accept all of me.

Eye Brow: I’ve been blocking the flow of money

Outside Eye: There’s plenty of money in the world

Under Eye: But for some reason, I’ve stopped myself from receiving

Under Nose: I feel really frustrated that I haven’t been open to receive

Chin: I’m ready to let all my blocks to money go now

Collar Bone: So I can start receiving and being in the flow of money

Under Arm:  I choose to be open to receiving more money

Top of Head: These belief systems that stop the flow of money don’t serve me anymore

Eye Brow: And I’m ready to let them go so I can be in the flow of abundance

Outside Eye: I choose to open myself to being in the flow of financial abundance

Under Eye: I love money and money loves me

Under Nose: There’s plenty to go around for everyone, including me

Chin: And I choose to know that I deserve to have financial abundance

Collar Bone: I choose to let all my negative belief systems about money go

Under Arm: So I can open myself to receiving more money

Top of Head: I love being open to receive the infinite abundance of the Universe

Repeat these phrases and others that are appropriate for you until you feel more free and open about receiving money.

Happy Tapping!

Do You Suffer From The Silent Success Killer?

There are many traits that go to creating success, and hundreds, if not thousands of experts who will gladly tell you what they are.

There are also dozens of theories, many of them similar and each with their merits, about what the subconscious blocks are to success. They are many and varied and most people have a number of them that need to be cleared before they can move forward to achieve the success they deserve.

However, there is one that often goes unexplored that I want to look at closely today. It destroys relationships, careers, health, hope and is even one of the underlying causes of most, if not all suicide. This insidious fiend is powerlessness.

Powerlessness takes away hope and destroys lives. It stops people from even trying to change their situation. Ask yourself if you have any areas in your life that you feel powerless. Finances? Career? Relationship? Health? Do you feel at the mercy of other people or your situation? A sense of hopelessness that makes you feel like you have no control over that area of your life what-so-ever?

Of course, control is just an illusion. We live in a global community and people, situations and events will happen that will definitely impact on our lives, this is inevitable. But what we can control is how we respond and use each circumstance as an opportunity to be the best we can be and turn any situation into a blessing.

We are never powerless, no matter what the circumstance. We always have a choice, even when things seem hopeless we can choose who we are going to be and what we are going to do to alter the nature of the final outcome.

Even for those facing terminal illness, today there are hundreds of alternative treatments and therapies available that create miracle cures for people everyday, and if not, then finding a way to approach your final months / weeks / days with acceptance and peace could turn the transition into an event filled with grace. As improbable as that sounds, there are numerous cultures that celebrate the transition from this life to eternal life. After all, as Byron Katie says, ‘We are all on the way out’! Nothing else is more certain than our inevitable passing from this life as we know it.

What we fail to see is just how powerful we truly are. The super successful have not risen to dizzy heights because they didn’t have any challenges or set backs. They have gotten to where they are because they saw each challenge as an opportunity to learn, grow, enrich their experience and be even more successful because of it.

You are infinitely powerful, and if you feel powerless it is because you have been led to believe that you are at the mercy of your environment, your circumstances or other people. It’s time to take back your power and show the world that you will not allow outside circumstances to hold you back. Decide there is nothing that will stop you from achieving your goals and dreams. See each hurdle as an invitation to grow. Harness your energy, your resourcefulness, your creativity, your irrepressible nature. Decide to BE UNSTOPPABLE!!!!

Own your magnificence and your power and nothing will be able to keep you from happiness and success.

Here are some EFT tapping phrases to help you release yourself from the grip of powerlessness and move forward positively and powerfully!

Choose one area of your life that isn’t going the way you would like it to.

Make the statement: “I feel powerless to change this situation” and rate how true that is for you on a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being not true at all and 10 being the most true it could possible be.

Now tap along with the following tapping script. If you have phrases that you feel would be more appropriate for you, then replace the ones I have here with those. These are just a guide to get you on the right track.

Karate Chop:

Even though I feel completely powerless to change this situation, I deeply and completely love and accept who I am and how I feel.

Even though I have this overwhelming sense of hopelessness about this area of my life, I choose to honour how I feel and know that there is a solution to my problem.

Even though I feel this deep sense of powerlessness, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and choose to be open to new ideas for a solution.

Eye Brow: I feel this deep sense of powerlessness

Outside Eye: I have no control over this situation

Under Eye: There is nothing I can do to change it

Under Nose: I just have to put up with it and make the best of it

Chin: It’s really hopeless, there’s no way to make this any different

Collar Bone: I’ve completely run out of choices, I just have to wear it

Under Arm: I am totally at the mercy of my situation

Top of The Head: I feel completely and utterly powerless

Eye Brow: Nobody who has ever been in this situation has ever changed it

Outside Eye: And I’m probably the only one who has ever experienced this anyway

Under Eye: I just don’t have what it takes to change this situation

Under Nose: Actually, I’m sure somebody has experienced this before

Chin: And there may have even been somebody who turned it around

Collar Bone: But there’s no way I can change it

Under Arm: I’ve got nothing left to give

Top of Head: What if I could find a solution?

Eye Brow: There must be a solution to this situation

Outside Eye: I just haven’t found it yet

Under Eye: It would be nice to feel some hope about changing this

Under Nose: I gave up to easily

Collar Bone: I choose to be open to the possibility of finding a solution

Under Arm: I choose to know there is a great solution out there for me to this situation

Top of Head: I love feeling hopeful and knowing I have the power to change this situation

Take a deep breath and again make the statement. “I feel powerless to change this situation” and rate it on a scale of 0 to 10.

Keep tapping using these phrases and other ones that you feel are appropriate for you until you bring the rating down to a 1 or a zero. You will probably need to tap on this every few days until you feel a permanent and powerful shift toward your creative and powerful self.

Happy Tapping!