When Giving Up Is Your Best Option

I became very emotional when I made this video and it’s because I’m giving up. I know I’m always saying never, ever give up. But is there ever a time when giving up is the best thing you can do? What if, in order to succeed, you had to give up?

No, I’m not talking about giving up on yourself, or your dreams. Never ever give up on those! But sometimes we have to give up on our attachment the way we think our lives should be in order to let in something even better.

And this is something I have recently done and it has been one of the most challenging and yet the most enabling moments of my life!

20 something years ago (I’m not revealing the ‘something’ bit), I was accepted into an introductory program at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music to study voice and my dream was to become an Opera Singer, internationally recognized and singing all around the world!

As hard as I worked, the Conservatorium staff, for whatever reason, did not warm to me and in spite of passing all of my exams I was not re-admitted to the following years degree program. I was absolutely inconsolable. All those years ago I did not understand about the Law of Attraction and the plans The Universe had for me. I loved being a student at the Con and at that time I felt like all my dreams had been ripped away from me. Though I never gave up on them and continued to pursue my dream through formal training outside the Conservatorium for many years.

Anyway, long story short, I have never given up on my dream to be on stage singing in front of thousands of people, in an already well established industry. So much so that I’m almost ashamed to admit, I even went to the extent of auditioning for several reality TV shows like Australia’s Got Talent and the X Factor. I got some great feedback and even got through a couple of the initial rounds on a couple of occasions, but the last time a few weeks ago I finally heard what I had not wanted to hear. “You have a beautiful voice, but this show is not for you. You are not what we are looking for”.

Well, der!!!!!

Of course, in my heart I already knew this! I just had not wanted to admit it because, let’s face it, at my age the chances of getting into any industry at the ground floor are pretty limited and I felt like these reality shows were my last chance.

Then as I was leaving the audition guttered (yes, I was too attached to the outcome, tsk, tsk!), I was dwelling on my shattered dream to become an internationally appreciated singer and I had an awakening moment that made me start to laugh.

I’m already recognized by thousands of people in dozens of countries for my Sound Healing. My podcasts are heard around the globe and there are other avenues that people access my healing all the time!! I had been so attached to how my dream should look – standing in front of a packed stadium singing commercial songs of some description – I had failed to see that I have already realized a part of my dream.

AND since then I have also recognized that I can still realize my dream of singing to an audience of thousands at fabulous events, just with my sound healing, not as a commercial entertainer.

Now you may be thinking, “Man, how dumb is this girl that she took all this time to figure that out!”. And you’re right. There are many people who would have seen this for years and not understand why I hadn’t. The truth is that the reason I couldn’t see the wood for the trees is because I was blinded by my vision of how realizing my dream would look when I got there. I have been way too rigid and specific about how I wanted it all to turn out and not allowing the Universe to deliver my dream to me in a way that is even better than I imagined.

So I have given up on the way I expected my dream was going to turn out and I am surrendering to the Universe presenting opportunities to me to share my gift in a far more powerful and beautiful way than I had been envisioning. And the best part is that the moment I did that, ideas and opportunities began to flow that I know are finally helping my dream to come true.

Now it’s your turn. What is not working that, if you give up on it, will help you get unstuck and move forward. It may be an aspect of your vision, or a limiting decision you made about yourself, or lifestyle choices you are making that are having an adverse affect on your health. Or is it something else?

So, never give up on you. And never, ever give up on your dreams. And be specific on how you want your life to look. But give up on exactly how it should turn up, because you cannot possibly foresee what magic the Universe has in store for you and how it could look even better than you have ever imagined!



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